Web Development

As a web developer, my experience has been in small business environments and startups. I've been involved in everything from installing server racks, operating systems, databases, and networking infrastructure to developing both front and back end mobile-first web applications in a virtual server environment. I was solely responsible for implementing the technologies for these web applications. I've worked with Wordpress for several years too, I've configured plugins, connected to mail servers, integrated MailChimp mailing lists, and made child theme modifications. I'm familiar with SEO and Google Analytics and frequently use Google tools to gain better insight on how to improve page performance and loading speed.

My biggest accomplishment was a mobile-first full-stack web application that had a full login system and several other capabilities, namely the ability to purchase a digital subscription for a software product that was sold exclusively in cryptocurrencies, and a basic affiliate partnership program where the affiliates could choose to give a variable discount amount that directly related to their commission.

What I'm focusing on learning now is mostly Javascript. I really want to learn more React and Node and improve my tooling with task runners. For this site, I'm using nodemon, node-sass, and uglify-js, but I'm sure I'll add others in the future. I also want to learn Javascript for the backend, like working with MongoDB and writing server-side functions. Electron also seems interesting and I would love to work on a project using that.